Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different passwords I have when I am using SecurePost?

  • If you join an existing SecurePost group, your only password is the SecurePost app unlock password. This is used to encrypt all data within the app. Make it a strong password, and share it with no one!

I got a message that the hash chain is invalid. What does this mean?

  • The solution is to contact the account owner or administrator and get re-added to the group. This happens when the account owner has reset the group account.

How does SecurePost protect my anonymity?

  • SecurePost prevents Twitter and Facebook from learning your IP address, anything about your computer, and your identity. The content of all your communication is protected by SSL and RSA encryption.

What are the risks of using SecurePost?

  • Even though all the information about what groups you are a member of and what you are posting is encrypted, metadata about your use of SecurePost (such as the time you submit posts) may reveal information about what groups you are a part of to a determined adversary who is able to monitor all your network traffic..

How do I figure out who posted a particular message to a SecurePost account?

  • You can’t, unless the author willingly admits they wrote it.

I’m the account owner. Someone in my group is posting things I don’t agree with. What should I do?

  • You can talk to your group members, and see if the behavior stops.
  • You can reset the group, and only invite members you trust fully. If the posts continue, shrink the group until you have excluded the user you don’t want to be posting anymore.